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Pre Marital and Marriage Services Available


PRE MARITAL COUNSELING: These sessions help prevent frequent and needless relationship problems, and really guarantee healthy, happy and exciting matches.


MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING: Couples report difficulty in discussing everyday problems, feelings of dissatisfaction in their relationship, and poor marital adjustment. These problems can, in turn, create stress, upset, depression, problems for children, and in many cases lead to divorce. At Lifeline Counseling Ministry, approaches to marital problems are tailored to the couple’s needs. Marital counseling at Lifeline Counseling Ministry is based on sound Christian principles and approaches which have been shown to be effective in relieving a broad range of marital problems.


SEXUAL PROBLEMS: Couples report sexual difficulties in their marital relationship at some point in the course of their married life. Problems may be more focused on the husband (e.g., difficulty attaining or keeping erections, premature ejaculation, low sexual desire) or may be more focused on the wife (e.g., difficulty having orgasm, difficulty becoming aroused, lack of interest). Fortunately, couple and individual counseling are available which can help effectively deal with these troubling problems and at the same time enhance and revitalize marriages in other ways.


MARRIAGE INTENSIVE COUNSELING: Half-Day, One Day or more Counseling Session May Very Well Help to Save Your Marriage and Family from Being Destroyed


When your marriage or family is in intense distress you may discover you have a very difficult time discussing your issues in a 45 or 60-minute session with the counselor.


Marriages or families in critical stages require a focused effort that goes far below the surface into issues and removes the emotional hurts and help restore your love and respect for one another.


Naturally, during the intensive counseling sessions there are breaks for meals, walks, relaxation and other necessities.



Marriage Secrets - Free Counseling Tips Help Advice Online


A married couple should establish their own private living place, and if they cannot as soon as possible.
Continue courting each other.
Keep in mind that God joined you together in marriage.
Watch what you think about, and who you think on.
Do your best to resolve all problems with your spouse before retiring to bed at night.
Don't be overly critical and judgmental.  And for your sakes - don't nag.
Be responsible in money matters.
Do not speak or use divorce as an easy way out. If you are having marriage problems, determine to call now and schedule an immediate counseling appointment to speak first with our expert marriage counselor before you say or do something you will regret the rest of your life.


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 A Counselor is Available to Talk with You Now by Phone or

Email From the Privacy of Your Home, Office, Car or Any Location

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