Substance Abuse Counseling

Lifeline Counseling Ministry Provides Substance Abuse Counseling Service.  We Value Your Privacy.

Are you or your child addicted to drugs such as LSD’s, Methamphetamine, or Marijuana.  Or are you a former drug addict who has trouble staying away from the old habit and maybe on the verge of losing your family?

Drugs are a big problem in America today.  Many people from teenagers to adults think that alcohol and drugs are the answer to the problems they are facing in life when it is only making matters worse.

There are all sorts of alcohol and drugs out there that can be used for wrong purposes.  They are from over-the-counter prescriptions to illegally imported drugs from Columbia, Mexico or elsewhere. With the variety of drugs available you have to be careful that even something as simple as an anti-depressant can be harmful.

We must especially remember the teenagers who are susceptible to the lures of drugs and alcohol that might be offered to them by a person who is soliciting drugs.

If your child is not counseled about this early on what could have been prevented, this may trigger an addiction problem that could take forever to cure, and in some cases never.  This is a devastating thought that no parent would want to face.  Remember—an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

For those of you who are no longer addicted to drugs but are still struggling with the temptation to return we can help you as well.

With Lifeline Counseling Ministry’s Substance Abuse and Drug Alcohol Addiction Recovery Counseling you can be truly free from the negative control of drugs that has been trying to hold you.

LCM also offers Drug and Alcohol Prevention Counseling for those who want to help prevent their loved one or ones from falling into that awful trap.

And even if you are addicted to alcohol or drugs and you are afraid to seek help, LCM’s counseling sessions are private and confidential - in other words that is no one has to know unless you divulge your personal business.

In all this you can know that you can be set free for a bright and brand new future.
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Substance Abuse Counseling
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