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As a motivating speaker and riveting storyteller, Rev Elisa leads audiences to a profound state of listening, allowing them to process and experience inspirational messages that will stir your audience to action.  Rev Elisa draws from his work as a minister, Christian counselor and businessman.  Reflecting on his walk of faith and experience, Rev Elisa moves his audiences through insights and realizations that result in deep transformation.

After listening to his uplifting and inspiring speaking, audience members are daring to walk towards their fears, are strengthened with a renewed sense of purpose, and are ready to meet and take on new pursuits with a sound sense of revived spirit.

Rev Elisa’s messages are solid, invigorating and elating.  No fluff or folderol, just real information that yields real results coming from over 36 years of public speaking experience.

Thank you for considering Rev Joseph A Elisa.  He looks forward to working with you to make your meeting or event inspiring, informative, and most of all motivational.







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