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Rev Joseph A Elisa is an inspirational, motivational, spirit-filled speeaker and minister for an outdoor or indoor event(s) seminars, workshops, a conference, cruises, concerts, or online sermons public message to address teens, school assemblies, youth, ex-gang members, young women, black women and congregant members.


As a licensed ordained minister and speeaker from a young age, Rev Elisa has delivered through avid preparation and creation famous, popular, faith-filled, full gospel messages.  They are the words of scripture inspired with great influential and key new thoughts from God, the Holy Bible and  Jesus Christ by the aid of the Holy Spirit.  These fresh anointed messages have quite frequently created a dynamic and efficient path for change and problem resolution for the good of the listening audience.


He travels as needed to minister to small or large groups of Christians in any city within Georgia such as Augusta or nationally to the state of Wisconsin, Florida, the Pacific Northwest states, Nebraska, Mississippi, Las Vegas, Greenville SC, Texas, Spokane, Washington, DC, Pueblo CO Colorado, West Virginia (WV) Phoniex (Phoeinx) Arizona, Dothan AL (Alabama) Minnesota, Corona CA, Central PA, Pennsylvania, Anchorage, Canada and beyond to virtually any place in the world.


Please feel free to contact Rev Elisa regarding availability.


Telephone No.: 404.691.7855 :: Email

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